2018 – 2019 Level 1 Softball Coach Certificate

Level 1 Coaching Course (1)

2018 – 2019 Level 1 Softball Coach Certificate

1. Aims : To develop a coaching system with sports theory, coaching management, practical softball skills and tactics for the people who are interested to be a softball coach.

2. Date :1st - 4th November 2018

3. Schedule : 1st – 2nd November 2018 (19:30-22:30) 3rd – 4th November 2018 (09:00-12:00 , 14:00-18:00) (Total 20 hours) * (Schedule will be confirmed after enrollment)

4. Venue: - Tin Kwong Road Softball Field or  Shek Kip Mei Service Reservoir Playground

5. Instructors   :
1. Mr. Lau Kwok Yip Johnny
-First Chinese player in WBSC Hall of Fame
-Higashi Kagawa Softball Association Honorable Coach
-Former China Women’s Softball National Team Pitching Coach

2. Mr. Fukuda Itsushi
- Former Japan National Softball Team Coach
- Former Head Coach of Toyota Motor in Japan Softball League

6. Target participants:
Age 18 or above;
The member of Hong Kong Softball Association;
At least 5 years of playing softball or coaching experience

7. Course Fee : $1,800

8. Quota : 30 Persons (Participants will be enrolled base on their softball experience, achievement and coaching history. Priority entry will be given to the applications of current HKSA representative teams coaches.)

9. Deadline:26th October 2018

10. Passing Requirement:  to attain 90% attendance and reach the passing marks in both written and practical test

11.Programme Outline:
- Coaching’s Code of Conduct
- Basic Coaching Theory
- Routine Training Schedule and Arrangement
- Physical Fitness Training and Arrangement
- Match organization and tactics
- Basic Softball Skills
- Baserunning
- Skills of Using Coaching Bat

12. Enrolment:
Each applicant should submit the application form and registration fee (Cash / Cheque: Hong Kong Softball Association) in person or by post to the Hong Kong Softball Association General Office (Tin Kwong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

13. Enquiry : (Tel:2711-1167 / E-mail:info@softball.org.hk )


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