Umpire Course 2018

Umpire Course 2018




A comprehensive course for Junior Umpires to understand the I.S.F. Rules in order to upkeep the games to run more properly and indirectly upgrading the playing standard in junior levels.


Certificates will be issued to those participants who have attended the course and passed the examination.


All HKSA members are welcomed to join. No experience is required.

For non-HKSA member who wish to join, it is required to join the membership of HKSA beforehand.


Free of Charge

Date & Time:   

(Please refer to the “Umpire Course Outline and Assessment 2018” excel file.)

(For the Field Exam, each candidate is required to do the Exam for one game. Candidates have no need to stay for the whole day.)


For more details, please download the following document: